I believe you are much more likely to regret the things you don’t do than those you do. I refuse to, at the end of my life, ask myself “what if I’d done that?” If I don’t do it, I’ll never know. If I do it, I can at least say ‘yea, it wasn’t that great.’ It’s a kind of comfort, that knowing feeling. I like to know things, even if the knowing is just ‘that was awful.’

So I’m starting this blog to keep track of all the times I ask myself what if? I’ll make a few mistakes along the way, but hopefully some awesome things will happen too.

Now a little about the author:

I’m 24 years old. I grew up(and am still growing) in a couple of different places. I’ve lived in South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and currently New York City. If you ask where I call home it’s split between Alabama and Tennessee. I’m that typical small town girl that moved to the Big Apple to make her dreams come true. Parts of my dreams came true, and others turned into nightmares. I’m making it work.

I work as a digital marketer for a children’s publishing house. I love it. I love a good story. I always visit a bookstore in any new place I go. I believe every book you read becomes a part of you, and I carry a library inside my heart.

I love television. I used to be ashamed of watching TV, but now I embrace it. Yes I watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and yes I’m distraught over The Good Wife ending. A story is a story, no matter what form it comes in. Television unites people across the country, from different walks of life, like nothing else. It’s a powerful art form and it’s just really fun.

I want to travel to as many places as possible. I think it makes people more open and understanding of others. It helps me discover what is important in my life. If I never leave what I’m used to, how will I know how great it really is? There’s nothing like the eye opening experience of going somewhere new and realizing you miss something old. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. And there’s nothing like going somewhere new and discovering something you love whether it’s a flower, a food item, or a person.

That’s me in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy what you find here.